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Why invest in technology for your home service business?

April 09, 20243 min read


For business owners, especially home service business owners, we've found in nearly every sales interaction that theres a definite internal struggle between investing into technology and sticking with the traditional systems and processes that have been successful thus far in the business. For any business owner out there working in the business every day the idea of adding new tools can be daunting and overwhelming.

Having owned a few service businesses ourselves we understand and so thats the topic of the day. Why should you even bother looking at new tech? Is there really that much of a reason to consider new tools or is it just a distraction? All questions businesses owners grapple with on the daily. So lets dive in...

8 Reasons

We've identified 6 reasons why you should consider investing into new technology for your home service business👨‍💻

1.Get more done faster: New technology can help you and your team work quicker and better. That means you can finish more jobs in less time using tech. In any service business the foundational functions like sales, marketing, fulfillment, invoicing, and customer service all have a variety of technology that can be used to help operators in the business work faster and more effectively, ultimately driving more value for the business.

2.Make customers super happy: With cool new tech like online booking and automatic reminders, you can make things easier for your customers. They'll love how simple and convenient it is to work with you. As the noise in the market increases its becoming more vital than ever to ensure that the needs of customers if put first. Investing in tech shows customers you care and want to make sure their experience is incredible.

3.Beat the competition: Being ahead of the game is important. When you use the latest technology, you stand out from other businesses. That means more customers will choose you over competitors. Part of the technology adoption is simply keeping up with trends and best practices in your industry. This comes two-fold and matters when serving customers but also when recruiting employees. Team members want to come work for a business that invests into its team members and provides the latest in tools for them to be successful.

4.Save money in the long run: Even though getting new technology might cost money at first, it can actually save you cash in the long term. Things like commissions automation (hint hint) and tracking or distribution tools can help you spend less over time with increased efficiency. Often times technology does require some investment upfront but when you consider the cost to accomplish the same task with human capital the overall savings with technology is often undeniable.

5.Grow your business: Technology can help you expand your business without any hassle. Whether it's using apps for your workers or fancy software to manage things, you'll be able to grow more smoothly with technology than by relying on outdated manual processes. Some of the most common growth tools for any home service business include website, lead gen tools, CRM for tracking customer data, phone system for customer responsiveness, calendar tool for auto-booking and reminders, and accounting/commissions software for payments.

6.Make smart decisions: With new technology, you'll have all sorts of helpful information right at your fingertips. You can learn about what your customers like, see trends in your work, and make better choices for your business. While much of the new tech available for business owners is for efficiency, some of the most valuabe to invest into is tracking and measurement tools to understand KPIs and whats actually happening in the business. Its incredible what value dashboards, reports, trackers, and other tech-enabled measurments can provide for a business. All infinitely valuable for a growing home service business.




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