Frequently Asked Questions

What people are asking about sales commissions management with STAKT:

What types of commissions plans can I automate using STAKT?

We've seen hundreds of commissions plans now and built STAKT so that you can create your own compensation plans without having to use complex formulas.

Starting in solar, we have the ability to do redline models, baseline with % splits, flat rate pay, % of total revenue, and more.

Can I use STAKT to track overrides or other types of commission in my organization?

Yes! With STAKT we will build the basic compensation plan for the sales reps but also allow you to track setter pay, manager overrides, trainer incentive pay, or recruiter overrides.

You can create unlimited overrides and assign them however you'd like. We will show you step by step.

Can I pay my reps directly using STAKT?

STAKT is not a payroll platform but we do have a seamless integration with Everee (and others coming soon!) where you can send pay to reps within STAKT using that integration.

How do I make sure I don't show my sales reps things they don't need to see? What views or permissions exist?

We understand there are a variety of heirarchy and sales org structures within home service businesses. Using STAKT you can set up team views and allow permissions so that reps only see what you want them to see.

How do I get my data into STAKT? Do you have CRM integrations?

We have an open API so we can receive data from any system. Because so many business owners use spreadsheets to run their businesses we have also created a CSV uploader tool that allows users to simply load what payments the business has received or project details using a simple uploader.

What type of visibility will my sales reps have with STAKT?

We've run sales teams for the last decade and built STAKT to help you retain and recruit sales reps. They will have access to their own reports via our mobile app (or they can login to the desktop version). They will see pay history, pipeline totals, as well as their expected weekly pay.


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